» What they said about ADAM’S TALLIT

What they said about ADAM’S TALLIT

“A very accomplished and moving piece of filmmaking.” Laura MacDonald, Programmer, Dungog Film Festival


“A great film that works on a lot of levels. The writing is assured. All of the performances are finely nuanced. Justin has a distinct and impressive voice as a filmmaker.” Stuart McDonald (Summer Heights Heigh, Stranded, Tangle)


“This is a very mature short film, beautifully written and realised. Justin has told a story that delivers emotionally in a minimalist fashion. A clear restraint in the storytelling technique means the audience is treated with respect. This short feels very true.” Juliet Porter (Floating, Breathe)


“A tender study on grief and reconnection.” Bronwyn Kidd, Director – Flickerfest International Film Festival


“The film stands out because of its gentle and affecting performances and its beautifully restrained direction.” Ben Law, Judge – Melbourne Queer Film Festival


“The film beautifully captures the innocence of childhood set against the harsher realities of grief and recovery. A subtle tale of love and reconnection.” Monique Shafter, Judge – Melbourne Queer Film Festival


“A complex relationship between an impatient, hardened grandmother and her young vivacious grandson explored beautifully. The film itself is a mitzvah.” Kathie Gibboney, Blogger – Topanga Film Festival